Nxsystems Sponsors Conference | Michael Busher

As the world continues to rely more and more on eCommerce transactions, Nxsystems is forging its position as a leading global provider of payment solutions.  It has been announced that Nxsystems has entered into an agreement to sponsor the UATP Airline Distribution 2013 conference being held at the InterContinental Miami on 16th – 18th April.

The Airline Distribution 2013 conference will allow audience members to take an active part in discussions and meet industry leaders face to face, discovering how they have tackled the many complex issues surrounding sales and distribution that airlines are facing in the world today.  Airline CEOs will be in attendance at Airline Distribution 2013 and they will be discussing the profitability of the future, presenting the challenges that will be faced and the lessons that have already been learned.  Michael Busher of Nxsystems will also be at the conference.  Michael Busher is Non-executive Chairman of the Board at Nxsystems.

Nxsystems have numerous solutions in the form of unique products that will assist airlines in achieving or even exceeding their fiscal goals.  These solutions include crew expense cards, centralised budgeting, electronic vouchers and electronic global payroll strategies.

The Nxsystems electronic debit Payroll Card is a truly global system with direct deposit available in more than fifty separate currencies in any part of the world.  In addition, employees will receive their payroll stubs via electronic delivery.

Michael Busher Nxsystems

With the Nxsystems Centralised Budgeting program, it is possible for airline companies to manage funds for crew expenses from a central account as opposed to having to manage each individual crew card separately – Nxsystems Crew Cards draw crew expense funds from this central account.  The Nxsystems Crew Cards enable airline companies to manage and authorise crew expenses no matter where in the world their airline crews are located.  The Crew Cards are extremely flexible, allowing airline companies to set budgets on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  There is an option whereby Crew Cards can be authorised for expenses at specific and select businesses such as hotels and restaurants, thus giving airline companies the ability to authorise and manage crew expenses at specific predetermined locations.

A further innovation is Nxsystems Voucher Cards.  These are prepaid debit cards that can be issued instantly to airline travellers to pay for expenses such as hotels or restaurants or any other discretionary expense the airline company wishes to give their customers.  The Voucher Card can either be left ‘open’, for airline travellers to use as they wish, or it can be limited to specific hotels and restaurants of the airline’s choice.